Virtual Happy Hours

Arizona Land and Water Trust has been hosting Virtual Happy Hours for its supporters since May of 2020 as a way to stay in touch with you during a time of social distancing. This highly successful program has been a journey through presentations ranging from local wildlife, Trust partnerships, award winning photography to rainfall research.

Upcoming Happy Hour topics as well as past Virtual Happy Hour recordings are posted below. Enjoy!

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Andrew Quarles
Land Trusts 102

June 16, 2023

Jesus Garcia
Mission Garden
Heritage Fruit Trees

January 13, 2023



Joe Cicero
Fireflies in Arizona
February 24, 2023





Marie McGhee
Art Institute
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

March 31, 2023





Cameron Becker
Land Trusts 101
May 19, 2023

Michael Bogan
Desert Aquatic Life
Response to Climate Change

August 26, 2022

Hubert Parker
Tucson Wildlife Center

September 16, 2022

Craig Miller
Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery
November 18, 2022 

Kim Franklin
Wild Bees are Different!
December 16, 2022

John Wiens
Ironwood Forest National Monument
April 8, 202

Greg Clark
Raptor Rescue
June 3, 2022

Cheryl Mollohan & Kerry Baldwin
Arizona Bobcats!
July 8, 2022

Dr. Karletta Chief
Climate Change Impact on Tribal Waters
July 29, 2022

Chelsea McGuire
Arizona Farm Bureau
March 11, 2022
No recording available
but slides attached!

Perry Grissom
Saving Our Saguaros
February 25, 2022

Ruskin Hartley
Southern Arizona Dark Skies
February 4, 2022

Julie Murphree
Arizona Farm Bureau
January 21, 2022

Erik Stanford
December 17, 2021

Food Security

Jeff Babson
December 10, 2021

Mysteries of Mistletoe


Charles Hofer
December 3, 2021

Arizona Wildlife Strategy


Rafael Tapia
November 12, 2021

Food Security for Native
American Communities


Jeff Meyers
October 22, 2021


Melissa Amarello
October 1, 2021

The Social Lives of Arizona Snakes

Karen Cesare
September 24, 2021

Central Arizona Project Update

Jeff Meyers
August 27, 2021

Amazing Arizona Wild Cats

Glen Dickens
August 20, 2021

Arizona Antelope Foundation

Joel Biederman
July 30, 2021

Rainfall and Drought in the West

Jeff Babson
July 23, 2021

Adaptations of Sonoran Desert Flora and Fauna 

Arizona Land And Water Trust Staff
June 4, 2021

Hear the Latest on Trust Efforts

Robert Villa
May 14, 2021

Sonoran Desert Amphibians

Janine Hernbrode
April 9, 2021

Patterns in Petroglyphs: Hints of the Hohokam Cosmology at Cocoraque Butte

Dr. Paul Beier
March 26, 2021

Design of Critical Wildlife Corridors

Marian Vernon and Alison Meadow
March 5, 2021

Climate Adaptation and Impacts of Changing Climate on Southern Arizona

Grace Wystrach
February 19, 2021

Mountain View Ranch

Homer Hansen and Justin Ladd
January 29, 2021

Sandhill Cranes & the Whitewater Draw 

Diana Nash
December 11, 2020

The Legacy of the Circle Z Ranch
and its Partnership With the Trust

Scott Baxter
December 4, 2020

 Award-winning Photography of Arizona Ranchers

Ian Murray and Scott Richardson
November 6, 2020

Bats, Owls and More

Charles Hofer, Al Eiden and Kyle Dutro
October 16, 2020

Protecting Southern Arizona’s Wildlife Habitat with AGFD and Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever!

Trust Staff Bailey Kennett, Chloe Fandel and Cameron Becker
September 25, 2020

Conserving the Upper Santa Cruz River and Circle Z Ranch

Karen Montgomery and Michael Werner
September 11, 2020

Trust Partnership with the BLM and the protection of
Hayhook Ranch

Gregg Garfin and Amy McCoy
August 28, 2020

Climate Trends and Impacts to Public
Health and Food Sustainability

Keisha Tatem, Nathan and Jackie Watkins

August 14, 2020

USDA-NRCS partnerships with local ranchers

Jonathan Overpeck
July 31, 2020

Building Resilient and Adaptive Communities in the Face of Climate Change

Gary Paul Nabhan and Richard Collins
June 26, 2020

Sustaining Local Agriculture and the Local Food Movement

Matt Walsh and Ben Brophy
June 12, 2020

Bolstering Local Agricultural Production and Sustaining Military Operations through the Fort Huachuca Sentinel Landscape Partnership

Paul Schwennesen and Todd Reeve
May 29, 2020

Securing Mutual Benefits for Local Agriculture and the Lower San Pedro River System

Dennis Moroney and Petey Mesquitey
May 15, 2020

The State of Local Farmers Markets Amidst Trying Times

Tom Sheridan and Peggy Rowley
May 1, 2020

Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Partnerships and Ranch Life in Southern Arizona