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The latest buzz about Arizona Land and Water Trust

Arizona Land and Water Trust is getting some media attention, and we wanted you to know so that you could see and hear it, and share it with your friends and potential Trust supporters.

The University of Arizona’s Alumni Magazine features Trust Executive Director Liz Petterson and Board President Diana Freshwater in its summer issue in an article titled “Nurturing the Desert Southwest.” Diana graduated from the UA in 1983 and Liz in 1995.

The article talks about the Trust’s work with Fort Huachuca, its Desert Rivers Program and its free Ranching/Farming into the Future workshops. You can read it at

If you’re a UA alum and appreciate the coverage, drop a line to Editor Sarah Beaudry at and let her know.

Last month, Steve Goldstein at KJZZ in Phoenix interviewed Liz and rancher Paul Schwennesen for a story about the Trust’s Desert Rivers Program. The Trust negotiated a short-term water lease in the fall of 2014, wherein Schwennesen would be compensated for reducing his water use and transitioning his pasture to a less water-intensive grass.

According to Schwennesen, the lease agreement is a step toward creating a market for water that will more efficiently allocate this increasingly finite resource.

“Water is just a prime target for market creation in which people can freely trade a valuable resource. And those who happen to have prior water rights will find themselves dealing with a very valuable commodity. Because they’re dealing with a valuable commodity they’re much more likely to use it efficiently and wisely and they’re able to transfer their excess, whatever they don’t physically need, to the market as a whole. So what you find is that the resources in a market tend to be used much more wisely and efficiently. And that’s one of the beauties of why I’m so excited to see this happen in the semi-arid Southwest where probably water is going to be an increasingly scarce commodity. Attaching a market value to it is the best way to conserve it.”

KJZZ is a public radio service of Rio Salado College and Maricopa Community Colleges. To listen to the story, visit

As always, we thank you for your generous support, which makes possible the work for which the Trust is being recognized.

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