What is a Land Trust

Land trusts are typically nonprofit corporations organized under Section 501(c)( 3) of the Internal Revenue Code to protect land for its natural, historic, recreation or scenic value. Most land trusts are small organizations – usually with few staff, supported by a volunteer board of directors. Today there are nearly 1,500 land trusts in the United States, many of which were established within the last 15 years to respond to landscapes disappearing to urban sprawl, protecting over 2.7 million acres.

How We Work

The Trust is part of a growing movement of land trusts across the nation, which take an entrepreneurial approach to protecting the land. We work with willing landowners, municipalities and other organizations to protect resources through donated or purchased conservation easements. Due to our small size, expertise and a talented board of directors, the Trust can expeditiously pursue protection opportunities that may be more difficult for larger organizations or agencies.


The Importance of Water

Land & Water We Have Protected

Six-Bar Ranch

Tucson Mountain Park

Tornrose Farm

San Ysidro Farm

Silverbell Property

Mountain View Ranch

High Haven Ranch

Waterman Property

Clyne Ranch

Sands Ranch