Happy World Rivers Day 2021

A Message from our Desert Rivers Program Director, Bailey Kennett:

“As Director of Arizona Land and Water Trust’s Desert Rivers Program, I spend my days pursuing opportunities that mutually support Southern Arizona’s rivers systems and agricultural producers. To me, World Rivers Day – this Sunday, September 26th – is a chance to step back from the details of my work and reflect more broadly on the waters that have sustained and inspired me over the years.

This year, World Rivers Day has me thinking about the Santa Cruz: about the wildlife I’ve encountered on the Anza trail, the afternoons I’ve spent under the shade of towering Cottonwoods, and the heritage foods found throughout town that originated in this valley so many generations ago…because rivers aren’t just water that flows along a channel – they are the animals, plants, crops, and cultures supported by that water. This Sunday, I encourage you to reflect on the ways in which the Santa Cruz sustains and inspires you and your family, and join me in a collective thanks to our incredible desert river.”

Find our more about our work at http://alwt.org/desert-rivers-program/