Canoa Ranch

In 2001 the Arizona Open Land Trust (now Arizona Land and Water Trust), working closely with Pima County, conserved approximately 1,500 acres of the historic Canoa Ranch as permanent open space and wildlife habitat. The Canoa Ranch has long been appreciated by residents of Pima County for its beauty, historic structures and colorful past. In addition, the Canoa Ranch lands offer significant wildlife movement corridors through several washes that cross the property. The historic De Anza Trail runs right through the property along the Santa Cruz River. The Madera Wash links Canoa Ranch and the Santa Cruz River corridor to the Nogales Ranger District of the Colorado National Forest and the Demetrie and Esperanza Washes link the Canoa Ranch to the Sierrita Mountains. The Trust and Pima County were able to protect this important cultural landmark, wildlife habitat and public open space in an area heavily pressured by development.

Acres: 1,477

Type: Owned by Pima County