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Preserving Southern Arizona’s western landscapes, farms and ranches, wildlife habitat and the waters that sustain them since 1978.

Arizona Land and Water Trust has been a trusted partner to ranchers and farmers of Southern Arizona for over 40 years. The Trust achieves its mission to protect land and water by working with private landowners who are interested in voluntarily conserving their lands. The Trust also works with public entities to develop local and community conservation plans and goals, and often serves as a bridge between public entities and private landowners. The Trust is one of numerous conservation organizations qualified by state and federal regulations to accept conservation easements and charitable contributions.

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Arizona Land and Water Trust preserves Southern Arizona’s vanishing western landscapes by working with willing landowners to protect land that sustains our biological, cultural and agricultural heritage.


The Trust protects Southern Arizona’s desert rivers, streams and rural agriculture by entering into incentive-driven agreements that benefit river and riparian systems as well as the farmers and ranchers that rely upon those water resources.


The Trust brings together diverse partnerships, successfully leveraging multiple resources and interests, to implement landscape level conservation.

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